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Thursday, May 20, 2004

More Than Language

I had to go to the doctor this morning to get my blood taken, for cholesterol. My mother suggested that I get a check-up before I get married. When the nurse knew I was about to get married, she told me that her husband would call me "another sucker." Another man, much older, once told me that "Marriage is where friendship ends and hell begins." Thanks for the encouragement! They make it sound like you have to play for the LA Clippers the rest of your life.

Here is a quote from another blooger on http://www.thesearching.blogspot.com. Entry April 1st.

"True confession of the need for Christ--true recognition of his identity--is not an action. I think it is a reaction; I think it is fruit of something much deeper. The life of Christ offers much more than language could ever encapsulate or misconstrue."

He has some really keen insights, so check him out. He has a point about the life of Christ offers much more than language could ever encapsulate. The information we have about the Bible and Jesus is not just facts, although some would argue. It needs to be inward-formation. Reading the stories of God should transform the way in which we life, see, think and breathe. Hope then becomes not just an answer, but the fabric of our journeys. Oh by the way, I'm still trying to let my life be transformed and not be an answer-man.