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Thursday, January 27, 2005

No Phone No Phone

Well folks, I never thought I'd be saying this but......I have a cell phone. Yes I know, I know it's 2005 for goodness sake. No big deal to all you technology freaks out there. I used to live in a house back in my final years of college where my roommates and I would see how would be the last one to get a cell phone. It was between Daniel, T and myself. Daniel and T were the shoe-ins for sure I thought, no way they will get one before I do. I was engaged at the time and knew that my wife wanted me to have one in case of emergencies or other circumstances. She would get irritated by the fact that I was anti-cell phones and I would constantly make fun of our other roommate Dean for getting calls every three minutes on his cell. Time went on and T moved out of the house and landed a job delivering coffee. The company gave him a cell to use on the job but he could also use it on his personal time. Soon after, he got himself his own cell phone. Now the man I call T (Terry Wayne Harville), has 2, count em 2 cell phones. Then it was down to Daniel and me. I thought, Daniel is a good ole' country boy, he'll never get a cell phone. Sure enough, not long after T had his, Daniel purchases him a nice flip phone because he needed to be able to be reached for work purposes. So there I was, the last man standing. No cell phone in my pocket and I felt great. It's been a few years since we made that non-financial bet and now I am plugged into the matrix. I even had to have my wife show me how they work. I know that the green button answers and the red button hangs up. My wife and I'm sure my parents are glad that I have a cell phone. Hopefully I won't turn into those people you see on the interstate jabering on and on not paying attention to the road. Sheesh!