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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Moe goes Postmodern

During the Simpsons rerun last night, Moe headed to bartending school to brush up his business skills, Homer is charged with keeping tabs on Springfield's premiere watering hole. Afterwards, Moe decides to make his tavern over into something more hip. REM appears in the episode. One scene was funny to me because of the terminology Moe used when his old tavern buddies show up at the new Moe's.

Moe: Welcome to "m," hah? Heh, heh. So, what do you think of the new joint?
Lenny: Wow, this place looks like it's from the not-too-distant future.
Moe: Yeah. You like it, Homer?
Homer: [looking at live rabbits wiggling in harnesses suspended from the ceiling] Um, the rabbits are cute.
Lenny: Eh, that one ain't moving. [points to a still rabbit]
Moe: [snaps, summoning an aide] Uh, change number 7.
Carl: I don't get all this eyeball stuff. Uh, what are they supposed to represent? Uh, eyeballs?Moe: It's po-mo! [blank stares from all] Post-modern! [more staring] Yeah, all right -- weird for the sake of weird.
Guys: Oooh!

I wonder if that could be a dialogue from a church meeting. "Weird for the sake of weird." Good answer Moe.