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Friday, January 07, 2005

the Dunning's

Last night, my wife and I entertained some friends of ours that have recently been married. Dean and Amanda Dunning were married on December 17th in Murfreesboro. These two people mean a lot to me. First, Amanda and I share the resemblance of those who might lack a ingredient called pigment. Yes, we have light blonde hair with fair pale skin tones which easily makes us targets for such questions as to whether or not we are in fact albinos. Sadly we must let those who inquire know that we are not from the exquisite breed of powder people. Because of our matching skin color and hair, we have adopted the name "Sis" and "Bub" for one another. In the few years we have known her, she has been a wonderful friend to my wife and I. Dean has also been a great friend to us. Actually he used to date my wife. No joke. At the time when he was dating Jennifer, I was dating another Jennifer. Weird, I know. Anyway, it's not awkward when he is around my wife which is relieving. Dean was in my covenant group back in 2001. That group was where Dean and myself really decided to pursue Jesus and understand discipleship more. I will never forget those times in Gilbert's living room or my apartment where we would lay hands and pray for each other, listen to each struggle, and encourage one another to carry their cross for the next week. Dean and I worked together as campus ministry interns at MTSU Raiders for Christ. We lived in the same "dumpy" house and spent many hours practicing our disc golf skills across the street. I have learned a lot from Dean over the years and am thankful for his friendship. Both Dean and Amanda plan to plant a campus ministry or plant a house church somewhere in the states. Thank God for people like the Dunning's.