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Saturday, December 11, 2004


For the busy holiday season, may we remember Julian of Norwich's words on rest.

We need to know this, that we should delight in nothing that is made in order to love and have God who is unmade. This is why we are not all in ease of heart and soul, for we seek here rest in this thing that is so little where there is no rest and we do not know our God, who is almighty, all-wise, and all-good, who is true rest. God wants to be known, and it delights God that we rest in God. For nothing less than God is sufficient for us. This is why no soul is at rest until it is emptied of all things that are made. When it is willingly emptied for love, to have God that is all, then it is able to receive spiritual rest.

Julian of Norwich, "Encounter with God's Love."