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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Christian Social Agenda

Interesting news from NPR yesterday morning:

Several Christian groups announced Friday that they would conduct a "pray-in" to protest the possible appointment of Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Arlen Specter to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) is expected to decide who will succeed Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as head of the panel. Specter faces growing opposition from conservatives determined to keep him from ascending to chairmanship of the committee that would handle any new nominations President Bush makes to the U.S. Supreme Court, because Specter supports abortion rights.

"We urge people to contact Senator Frist and let him know that the president needs a loyal man at the helm of the Judiciary Committee, and that man is not Senator Specter," Rev. Pat Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, said in a statement. In an interview with CNSNews.com, Mahoney said Evangelicals, pro-family and pro-life groups are not comfortable with Specter chairing the Judiciary because the confirmation of judges is a key component to the Christian social agenda. Mahoney also told CNSNews.com that outside of abortion and family issues, the number three issue Christians are concerned with is activist judges, even though the press hasn't picked up on it. On Wednesday, following the reelection of President Bush, Specter warned President Bush against choosing future Supreme Court nominees who would seek to overturn abortion laws or would be too conservative to be confirmed. Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, also expressed opposition to Specter. In a statement issued Thursday regarding Specter's first set of comments, Dobson accused Specter of "political bullying" and "arrogant grandstanding."

There are several things about this story that rustle my feathers. One is the "Christian social agenda" that Mahoney continues to discuss. When did Jesus petition for a "Christian social agenda"? Did the early disciples ask the Roman government about pushing their own Christian agendas? Wasn't Jesus concerned with serving others and doing so in a sacrifical way? Mahoney doesn't seem to care because he wants to Christians to gain power and control the world with their style of democracy and legislation. What was it that Paul said, something about the wisdom of God is foolishness in the world's eyes? God's wisdom is the power a cross, not the nationalist power you're looking for Mahoney! Second, who appointed Dobson as Pope? Seriously, I have read a few James Dobson's books and have listened to his programs several times in the past, so I think he is really trying to his best to save what he feels is being demolished in America. The problem I have with Dobson is his take on the issues of gay marriage and abortion. I won't get into gay marriage on this post, but the abortion issue for Dobson is another "Christian social agenda" (I think my view on abortion would resemble my ideas on gay marriage) Maybe Bush will get conservative judges that want to overturn Roe V. Wade. Maybe he won't. Either way, I really don't think passing legislation in our country is going to solve the problem. It seems like this is an easy solution to a hard situation, which is actually loving people that make mistakes and don't belief the same things Christians do.

I view a fetus as a life. I view myself as pro-life, but I am also pro-women. I must ask myself which is the greater power: Passing legislation to make abortion illegal and creating prohibition all over again, or creating a social network for those wanting an abortion or who can't afford to have (much less raise) a child and provide women for the special workplace leniency for children? Should we be raising our voices to prohibit killing a baby and demoralizing the mother, or raising our voices to love the baby, as well as the mother, no matter what?