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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ebay....People are Good? Or Just Plain Weird?

If you are an Ebay user, you might be interested in this item. Mmmmmmmmm....I'm kind of hungry.

Stones River Church Basketball: 0-1.
We lost our first church league game last night due to the fact that we are all out of shape. By halftime, we were even with our opponents, but by the end of the night we couldn't grab a rebound and didn't have enough energy to come from behind. We had no offensive strategy either, while the other team was calling plays like "Mirror" or "Carolina." They definitely took it way too seriously. I saw a coach from another team enter into the gym with a clipboard and a briefcase. Are you serious? The next thing you know, a church will hire Phil Jackson to coach their team, minus all the Zen stuff. HELLO, this is church league people, not the Final Four. I didn't shoot the ball or start, but had 4 fouls, 3 of which I didn't foul the guy, but who really cares. I had fun and so did our team. The game plan for the rest of the season: Don't wash our jersey's and don't shower. We'll call it the Stink Factor.