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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote 2004

Thank goodness it is election day! Finally!! I was getting tired of all these ads for Tennessee legislature and all the "personal" messages these candidates left on my answering machine asking for my vote. Because of my residency issues (switching from Texas to Tennessee) I am not registered to vote. I was excited about voting but it is hard to really listen to what others are saying because of all the biased information in our media and politics. Is bi-partisan politics the answer? Is Kerry telling the truth? Was Bush wrong in going to war? And what about Ralph Nader? Is he still running for President? How do we know that any of these guys will do what they say? So I guess my vote goes to......no one. Whatever happens tonight, I'll still be the same person tomorrow. I just hope we can stop all this killing in Iraq and seek peace, not only in Iraq and Africa, but in our own country as well. If war is going to end, we must find the underlining reason for poverty, economic crisis, hatred and start to heal these wounds first. War maybe be inevitable, but it's not the answer. Healing other countries will take an effort of peace and humanitarian aid. Remember, the Kingdom of God will not come with the sword, but with love.