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Monday, October 18, 2004

Adam the Naturalist

The weekend was great! All except for my wife getting sick from the outdoors, my car having a flat tire this morning, my good friend getting bit by some poisonous spider, and my tooth being grey. Other than that, I had a great time. I love being outdoors. It was cold (mid 40s) Friday night but the campfire kept us warm. It makes my day to hear my mother-in-law say, "I'm in top physical shape. I can do 45 pushups in one minute." She is in her second week of police academy today, so remember her in your prayers.

Have you ever thought about Adam naming all those animals in the beginning of creation? To be honest, I don't take much notice of the beginnings of Genesis, probably because I know whats there. Also I think the English language does a great disservice to the poetry that Moses was writing. Even though I took one semester of Hebrew, I haven't practiced it since I finished the class (sorry Mr. Bankhead).

So back to Adam...have you ever thought about that scene in Genesis were Adam gets to name all the animals that God created? After my initial reading of chapter 5 in Donald Miller's book Searching for God Knows What, I began to let my imagination fly with Miller's thoughts. I think its interesting that God sees Adam is lonely, even in the perfect Garden. Adam needs someone to help fill this void. First I think it is rather interesting that God made humans to need each other. Yes, God is our ultimate desire, but human relationships are such a necessity in life. After God decides Adam needs a companion, he puts him in charge of naming all the animals. Now if you believe in evolution or not, there are about 1 million to 50 million species around the time of Eden. It would take someone over 100 years to name and even categorize each individual species that was created back then. After the enormous deed of naming the creatures is done, God sees that still no helpmate is suitable for lonely Adam. I wonder during all this time of naming each animal, if Adam was trying so hard to communicate with them to find companionship. Like trying to talk with cattle or swimming in the deep with the fishes. After a long and strenuous task, God creates another being for Adam to understand, to commune with, to connect with each other's souls. It makes me imagine how these two fell in love with each other. Did it take a long time? Was it "love at first site?" After seeing all of creation and coining names for creation, wouldn't Eve in Adam's eyes be the most beautiful and wondrous creation ever made? In a moment such as this, words would be almost impossible to describe the wonder, the emotion, the electricity of the first meeting between these two. Yet, Moses seems to capture this scene with a little piece of poetry:

Bones of my bones,
And flesh of my flesh. (Genesis 2:23)