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Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Fear of a Prophet

Why do I feel like I must seek to please everyone when God can't even do it?

My heart is scared of the fact that I could be not liked to others if my decisions or actions aren't matching their expectations. The idolatry I serve is the idol of people pleasing. Leadership does not become an attitude of courageous choices that they challenge and push others, but of maintance. A maintance that keeps people happy. It's the fear of being a prophet that overwhelms me. Prophets always had a Word from God which was totally against the current lifestyle and understanding. Almost always, people disregarded them or sought to put an end to their message. The messengers would never win a popularity contest, would never be the first picked in a pick up game of basketball, would never sit with the "cool" kids at the lunch table, and would never drive the fancy car or wear the brightest linens. These unique individuals were called by God to live differently in the face of all that surrounded them. How easily they could have turned and swam with the current? Would fear and doubt drive these prophets back to the hills were they came? Wouldn't 40 years of deaf ears be enough to quit repeating the message to the masses? Would I still believe the message I would proclaim for 20 years and never see any results?

Why do I feel like I must seek to please everyone when God can't even do it? Wait...God could do it but chooses not to. Maybe I should as well.