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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Communion with Cash

I recently read an article online about Johnny Cash and famous producer Rick Rubin. Apparently before Cash died he spent the final months with Rubin practicing Christian rituals with the eccentric music producer Rubin.

Rubin, Def Jam Records founder, produced Cash's final five albums and is said to have revived Cash's flagging career. With the death of Cash's wife June Carter, the man in black was brought closer to his friend and producer Rubin as they took communion every day. Cash acted as the priest and administered the sacrament to Rubin. Cash reportedly used crackers and grape juice instead of the traditional wine and wafers. Rubin said, "Johnny would say: 'Visualize the eating, swallow. Feel it.'" Even though Cash has passed away, Rubin continued to celebrate the Eucharist stating, "For between probably four and five months, it felt exactly the same. Johnny's presence was much more available. I could get quiet and I could hear him say it."