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Monday, August 30, 2004

Long Weekend

Jennifer and I went to Arkansas to interview for a campus ministry position this weekend. We had to fly out Friday morning and came back Sunday night. Note to self: Remember your photo ID when you fly. We prayed that Jennifer would be able to go and come back with me when we got to the check in point before walking to our gate. She forgot her ID and I told her that she didn't need her wallet. What a relief.

The weekend went well. They sure did pamper us like paying for every meal and our flight and our hotel room. It was my first time to actually interview with a panel in person. I did this with Pensacola but over the phone so it was awkward but not to stressful. Saturday morning, we both had to meet with the search committee for 2 HOURS. WOW! Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night in addition to me looking like I went down to the bar the night before and had a few "spirits." I tend to be a blabber mouth, so I don't think I actually answered any of their questions. Oh well, it was a learning experience. The weekend seemed like we had been there for almost a week.

Tonight is the kick-off of school for MTSU as well as Raiders for Christ. They are having the ZOE Group out for their third year in a row. Last year was awesome with over 300 people there praising our Lord. This was where I finished school as well as interned for two years. I'm a bit sad that I am not apart of that ministry any more (at least directly) but it is time to move on with life and jobs. Blessings on you all at Raiders for Christ and blessing on the search for a new campus minister.