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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dinner For 2

This past weekend, my wife and I borrowed a card table and two metal chairs from her parents to use as a dining table. Jennifer placed a nice table cloth on top of it and two place mats that we received from our wedding. So the past two nights we have had to priviledge to eat sitting in a chair instead of the floor in front of the TV. Both nights we have had some excellent conversations about various topics. I am a big fan of conversation, especially when its good. That doesn't mean I can make great conversations happen in a snap, it takes both parties. Anyway we talked about people we would like to have dinner with. Jennifer chose Laura and "W" Bush, Oprah, and Martin Luther King's wife (not sure she is still alive). My list included Bill Cosby, Wes Anderson, Jeff Tweedy, and a survivor of the holocaust. I think we would also both invite Bill Murray.

Who (living) would you like to eat dinner with?