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Friday, August 06, 2004

Farewell Super Freak

Last night my wife and I played our new favorite game, Trivial Pursuit (anniversary addition). I am 2 for 2 while winning last night on the pivotal question of which King in a deck of cards doesn't have a mustache. I guessed and said the right answer...King of Hearts.

My wife is amazing at the TV questions, which I am horrible but I tear it up in the Music category. Anywho, that's besides the point, I answered a questioned last night that said:

This artist's song was sampled to created the massive music hit "U Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer?

Answer: Rick James.

Well it didn't mean that much to me at that time except another roll at the dice. But as most of you have probably heard today, Rick James whose hit "Super Freak" in 1981 was an instant classic, died today of natural cases. Sure his career declined after some drug charges, convicted of assaulting two women in separate incidents, served a two-year jail sentence and deteriorating health problems, but this man could funk with the best of them. So to all of the Rick James fans out there lets have a moment of silence for the late great funk singer.

heeeeheeeeheee HHHEEEEYYYY!!!!