Water Mosaic echoes from home

pondering the mysteries, simplicity, and humor of life

Friday, July 30, 2004


It's early.  Every time I wake up, I think, "Surely 5:50 is too early to be getting out of bed."  But I must arrive to work on time.  Somedays I wish for public transit from the Boro to Nashville.  Other days I enjoy being by myself in the car, not talking to anyone. 

Last night, I met up with two of my good friends.  We had a great time of sharing, laughing, praying, listening.  I really enjoy their companionship and company.  And then Tuesday night, my wife and I had one of my close friends over to eat with us.  She cooked all the meal and him and I cleaned up afterwards.  And this past Sunday night at a reception for Mike Stroud, several of the people I knew in college were back to celebrate and remember the good times.  It's funny because I used to be so fired up about leaving the Boro and doing my own thing, but now if my wife and I have to leave, I'll be sad to say the least.  It has made me be thankful for friends, especially those that I have a special connection with.  Former roommates, old Bible study group members, the guys in "Safety Dance," flag football teammates.  I have been blessed to have some awesome men in my life that have encouraged me, supported me, prayed with me, strengthened me, and loved me for who I am.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I hope that wherever we end up, doing whatever it is, I pray that we can continue to be this support and encouragement to each other, as well as create new relationships and dear friends.  So to all of you who have been an influence, a friend, an amigo, a guide, a voice....thanks.