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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Paper Airplanes

On my way to work, I listen to these guys named Rick and Bubba. I gave up listening to preaching cause it would either make me mad or it was too early in the morning to be thinking deeply. They were talking about making paper airplanes in school. Well, I was a horrible airplane maker back in the day. I couldn't compete with the aviators of my day. Alas, my day arrived about two years ago when I was working at an extended care program at a local school. We couldn't go outside because it was raining so we had lots of scrap paper laying around for the kids to draw and color on. Then one kid came up to me and asked me to help him make an airplane. "This is my time to shine," I thought. "Redemption." Soon enough all the kids were begging me to make these jets of paper. Then I even went as far as making a stunt plane. After that day I retired from this craft never to pick it up again.

How was your paper airplane skills?