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Friday, July 02, 2004


Could resting be seen as a spiritual discipline? My co-worker at work was raised Seventh Day Adventist and she was telling me about their Sabbath (Friday sun down to Saturday sun down). Not only did they go to church on Saturday morning, they rested from beginning to end. And when they weren't at church they were hanging out with the family feasting on God's word. [Interesting how the Hebrews began their day at sundown. It would be a good reminder to us working folk to view our day like that so we can start fresh when we return home from work and see our family.] It made me think about how much time I just "hang out with God." Am I resting in His presence? So friends, are we serious about resting with God? Or do we serve the idol of busyness? Moreover, do we use the busyness to please God? "Look God, I'm involved. I go to Bible study four nights a week and church on Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night." Activities, Activities, Activities. Now I'm not talking about slothfulness or laziness, but soaking up the grace of our King by just being there with Him. Making scared space in our souls for Him to enter and commune with us.

So for the holiday weekend, enjoy friends and family. Let us rest and enjoy life and the beautiful creation that surrounds us. May we rest and breathe deep God's blessings.