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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Wild at Heart

Well I started my new job at Cokesbury Publishing. Today was super slow. My trainee partner Joan, never showed up today so they had me doing "busy work" all day. I should have asked to do a word search or something. The people that work in that area are very nice so that is cool but I have to drive an hour to work each day. Yuck.

Last night, my wife and I started to read Nehemiah together. I enjoy O.T. stories of faithful men and women. Nehemiah just has a great heart, first to pray in intervention for his people and their sin. The hard thing is, he prayed not for them, but for "us." I find it really hard to look at my own sin when I know of others that are drowning in it. Humility. Something I'm learning about. Oh yeah, read Wild at Heart, even if you are a women. Awesome stuff.