Water Mosaic echoes from home

pondering the mysteries, simplicity, and humor of life

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Reflections from Psalm 42

As a child, I lived freely. No cares, no worries, no bills, no problems. Sometimes no shoes and shirt didn't really matter. I lived with such adventure and mystery. A sense of awe would encompass my imagination at the smallest detail of life. I didn't mind getting wet, running through a sprinkler, or playing in the rain. Now as time has past and I grew up and "getting wet" was viewed as child's play. Immature. Childish. This viewed was not given to me by my family but my culture, our society.

As a Christian, I still avoided God "getting me wet." Bending over and sipping from a calm moving stream is what I was used to. "This is the norm," I would say to myself. I tremble when I hear the thunderous crash of the mighty waterfall nearby, but it is to risky to explore. Besides, I've seen other waterfalls in my life, why should this one be any different? But I never let my sense of wonder take me there. Always staying dry. Always drinking from the stream. Getting what I need and no more. But "getting wet" is where life is! Swimming in God's ocean, standing and playing under the majestic cataracts, drinking of the living water. How can I survive only the minimum when I am so thirsty? When will sipping not be enough to fed me?

I shall allow the waves of God's almighty love billow over me. I shall drink deep from the living God's grace. I shall dive into the depths of his heart. Then and only then will one behold the face of the Awesome Creator. Then will I be free to "get wet."