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Friday, September 03, 2004


Last night in our class we were discussing eschatology (the coming of Christ, end times, etc.) and the theme came up about the many references to "this coming age" or "the coming world" "the day of the Lord." Now my understanding, from Lee Camp was the Jews knew that they lived in the old aeon, but when Christ would arrive the new aeon would come about. It would establish God's reign over the earth and especially over the Romans. But as the Kingdom of God is understood, it is a reality but not yet. It is here but not yet fully.

So Christ came, brought the Kingdom into reality, and left us to be agents for him to the ministry of reconciliation. Matt Deton (a wonderful guy in our class) said, "Then why isn't the things that happened in the early church movement, healing, power, miracles, wonder, happening today?" He went on to answer his own question in a way saying, "I guess it'll have to be an underground movement. People getting no attention or recognition for their service." I admire his heart because I feel like Matt is one of those underground folks. Lets be underground, grassroots followers of Jesus.

Song in my head: I'm a Wheel by Wilco (album: A Ghost is Born)