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Thursday, September 02, 2004

An Eastern Metaphor

In the Far East there is a traditional image of the difference between heaven and hell. In hell, the ancients said, people have chopsticks one yard long so they cannot possibly reach their mouths. In heaven, the chopsticks are also one yard long-but, in heaven, the people feed one another.

To live for someone besides ourselves, how shall we as a nation ever learn to hear the cries of the starving in Ethiopia and the illiterate and AIDS stricken Africa and the refugees in the Sudan and the economic situation in Central America?

On the Bill O' Reilly Show, Bono said, "I'm rooting for people that don't have a vote and for people whose faces we don't see." If my memory proves correct, wasn't Jesus about rooting for those who didn't have a voice, whose faces we don't see? Thanks Bono.

Song in my head: Patty Griffin's Chief (album: 1000 Kisses)