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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Element of Story

So busy. For those of you who don't know or care, my car has been dead for two days now. My wife was driving it Monday and it died on her at the bank. Several people have been a big help to us during this time, too many to mention. So she went and bought a new battery and that wasn't the problem. Then Bob Chaplin and I removed the alternator and had it tested only to find out that it was putting out 14 volts (aka it was in good shape). So now I think its the new battery. I went to Wal-Mart (a place I despise) and they wouldn't take the battery back because it was their "policy." They charged it up for me (took 40 minutes to which I was late to my former reservations) but still I have no idea that this battery is going to last me another week. Policy. I tell you, if Sam Walton was still around he wouldn't let this happen. Can Wal-Mart not afford to give me 30 dollars back? I was not a happy camper last night to say the least.

Jennifer went and had dinner with our friends, Robert and Emily. Emily cooked a tasty poppy-seed chicken casserole and my wife made an awesome chocolate chip cake. Following the festivities, we looked at their wedding pictures and then proceeded to watch "Second Hand Lions." For some reason I have preconceived notions about certain films that keep me from ever wanting to watch them. I have an odd taste in movies in the first place so that doesn't help, but certain films I just have no desire to see, such as Hidalgo or Welcome to Mooseport. Anywho, I really enjoyed this film. Robert Duval is hilarious!

What the film showed me is the power of story. Throughout the movie Michael Clark's character tells his nephew (Walter aka Haley Joel) bits and pieces of him and his brother's (Duval) amazing journey. Their adventures take them to Europe and then Africa in which one falls in love and is constantly chased by an evil shiek, not to mention lots of gold coins thrown in the mix. There is a scene in which Walter asks Duval to give him the "what every boy needs to know about being a man" speech. For me this resembled Jesus speaking to one of his disciple's. Finally at the end (don't worry, not telling) you see how Walter and others are joined together by a story that they carried with them. Not only that but they embodied the story as well. And those crazy outlandish stories, as wild and unbelievable as they may be, are real and trustworthy. These two men lived out their story and it was apart of their being. And when they passed them on, it was carried by those that heard it. This movie has great implications of the story we as followers of Jesus tell and live. As we share the story of God, we are also wrapped up in its plot. We become involved in the story and are affected by its power and its on-goingness.

Great stuff. I recommend this movie to anyone. See it and watch the element of storytelling explode into a beautiful picture.

Tonight Wilco plays at the Uptown Mix. I could see my favorite band for $7, but alas I must finish reading 50 pages of Martin Luther, fix my car and watch the taped finale of Amazing Race.