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Friday, October 15, 2004

Thoughts on the Bible

If our modern methodology is superior to the methodology of historical narrative mixed with music, drama, poetry, and prose, then why didn't God choose lists instead of art?

What if we stopped looking at the rules and lists and formulas and rather looked through them at the larger and more obvious message?
(quotes from Don Miller's "Searching for God Knows What")

If we started to read the Bible as the grandest narrative that gives us our identity, how would we begin to interpret its pages? Did God intend for us to map out the Bible's language, to grid Scripture as formulas and charts? How did the Hebrews read Scriptures? Is there any chance we are able to view the Bible purely objectively? What about subjectively? If the Bible is a 6 act play of some sort, how does that effect our doctrines? What if God is calling us to live out the overarching message of the Bible in a improvisational way?