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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy on Spirituality

I found this interview of Jeff Tweedy (frontman of Wilco) from my good friend's blog. Interesting thoughts about spirituality and connecting with something big than ourselves.

Q: A lot of your songs on A Ghost is Born use religious and spiritual imagery, like ghosts and devils and Jesus. Does come from a gospel and folk influence, or is that something that you personally want to put in the songs?

Jeff: I’m really interested in religious philosophy and theology and comparative religion. Mostly, I’m just interested in spirituality, because I think music is really all about spirituality and connecting with something bigger than yourself. Sharing, having a sense of belonging with a group of people when you’re playing music with people and listening to music with people and playing music to an audience. I think that that is a really transcendent, extremely powerful human experience. It has led me to think a lot about spirituality in particular. And it’s just something I’m interested in. I tend to be very suspicious of organized religion, of dogma, of firmly held systems of belief that don’t allow for tolerance. I find (that) to be contrary to the basic principles of spirituality. I don’t know, to me spirituality is like a biological function of being human. All human ideas and religions seem to grow out of some biological experience. We’re wired to try and figure it out. I just find it all fascinating, and I don’t think there’s anything beyond being in love with the mystery of it all. I’m learning not to care so much about the answers as asking the questions.