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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Qualifications of Youth Ministry

What a great night for baseball!! Go Sox. And go Astros. I'm in a way pulling for the Stros because Jennifer's former roommate works with their organization and can get two tickets each to the World Series if they make it.

I ran across this add for a ministry position on a university's website. My guess is whoever wrote this up is definitely not a teen.

"The X Church of Christ in Somewhere, USA is seeking a youth minister to become a part of our community, church and lives. Our congregation, about 150, has two elders and nine deacons and an active youth group of 15 - 20. The successful candidate will hold a degree in Youth Ministry or Biblical Studies from an accredited university or have equivalent experience. In addition to the typical youth minister functions, you should be cool and like to "hang out" with teenagers. Being a small congregation, it is important that our youth minister be able to work with other area youth ministers and plan joint activities. We also wish for the youth minister to be involved and involve the youth in missions. If interested, please send a resume and a paragraph describing your philosophy on youth ministry."

Yikes! Who here feels like they are overly qualified in the much needed area of "coolness?" I'm out.