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Monday, December 06, 2004

Why I Hate the BCS

How does the BCS work? Please, somebody tell me why do we keep this system to determine a national champion in college football. Heck, every division in college football has a way to determine a champion, but not Division IA. This is completely and utterly stupid! Look, I have no problem with USC and Oklahoma playing each other in a bowl. They were both undefeated in the season. Congrads. But we will never know if Auburn or Utah or Boise State could have beaten those two teams. Even last year, some dude from Sweden would have paid $10 million a piece to both LSU and USC to play a game to "unofficially" claim who was the best team in college football. I would argue that the old system works better than what we have now. And another thing, how does Texas jump ahead of California to number 4 in the nation...and they didn't even play this week! I mean does Chris Sims still play there? Isn't he the best thing since the George Foreman grill? Texas is so overrated its ridiculous. Now California, which lost its only game to the number 1 team in the country by a drop pass in the endzone, has to play the Holiday Bowl. Holiday Bowl?!?! Granted, the Holiday Bowl usually is the best and most exciting bowl game every year, but how can you sleep at night knowing you voted for Texas to play in a BCS game instead of California.

I guess its all about the money! And since FOX has bought the rights to the bowl series in the coming years, the system will probably not change. Oh yeah, can you tell ABC to stop kissing Oklahoma's butt for once. Hats off to the Auburn squad for not ripping the BCS and its flaws after they won the SEC conference Saturday night and winning a school record 12 games in one season. The only the thing I'll be watching this year is my A&M Aggies play Tennessee in the not so publicized Cotton Bowl. Oh to return to the Bucky Richardson days.