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Friday, December 03, 2004

Busy Busy

Since I changed positions here at Cokesbury, I haven't been able to think aloud like I used to. I am now a consultant for UM churches in four conferences (Louisiana, both of the Kansas conferences, and the Yellowstone conference). Needless to say, my duty includes calling all 404 churches and introducing myself...within 2 weeks!! Why doesn't telepathy work?

Recently I have been focusing on repenting for my negative attitudes with work. I feel like I don't make enough money for what I am doing. My ego tells me that I have an undergraduate degree and near completion of a master's degree and I'm working full time (37.5 hours) on a $9 hourly wage. Its hard to see God at work in my job when I complain about how much I make and think I'm too good for this position.

O Lord, help me to serve you and to see you today. Thank you for this job and the income it gives to my wife and I. Heal my selfishness with your grace. May I be content in all things. Amen.