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Monday, December 27, 2004

Crazy Crowds

It was a nice Christmas, actually a white one. This may have been the first white Christmas I have ever had. Of course this isn't hard to believe coming from someone who grew up living in the hot piney woods region of East Texas. The presents were nice as was seeing Jennifer's family. My folks are here for a few days and I don't have to work all week (haha ThunderJones). We all went to Orpy Mills today where 1/3 of Tennessee resident showed up to peruse the many shops and eateries. It was ridiculous. My dad overheard a mall manager saying how 40,000 people would probably show today and spend their Christmas cash. All I'm going to say is how silly is was to watch people practically push you out of the way to grab a pair of jeans. Has this country, which is "under God" been misled to believe that their God is the god of stuff? I know my life is like that at times, but today just proved how selfish people can be.