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Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Good Discipline

The past few days have been a blur. After a full day of work Thursday, I gathered together with my classmates at our professor's house to share a meal and evaluate what we learned this semester. Soon after, I was headed to a wedding rehearsal where I was apart of the ceremony. My good friends Dean and Amanda were scheduled to wed Friday night at 7 pm. The rehearsal finished and I was on my way to the rehearsal dinner, which included homemade lasanga made by Dean's mother. Since I don't have a cell phone, Jennifer called my good friend T to tell me that she wasn't going to make it to the dinner because she wasn't feeling well. But she said not to worry and have fun without her. When I arrived at our rehearsal dinner location, I called Jennifer back and knew she wasn't alright. I told Dean and Amanda that I'd have to miss their dinner and rushed to our apartment to see how my wife was doing. She was not good. I drove her to Vanderbilt ER and we stayed there until 2:15 am. Diagnoses: Viral infection and she was incredibly dehydrated. They ran her through 3 bags of IV fluids and she didn't even pee once.

We arrived home at 3 am and made sure Jennifer was comfortable and I dozed off to sleep. 2 and half hours later I was back up, taking a shower to get ready to go to work. While at work, I found out that I needed to be at the wedding at 4:30 pm. This was a problem seeing that I don't get off work until 4:15 and I have a 45 minute drive from Nashville to Murfreesboro. Not to mention I was feeling horrible myself Friday morning. My boss granted me an early leave from work because of my health. I was very thankful. Leaving Nashville, I needed to pick up Jennifer some supplies at Wal-Mart and cook her lunch. I caught a quick nap and a shower before leaving again for the wedding.

Even though this sounds like a hectic schedule, don't pity me. I have enough self-pity to last a long time. I kept telling myself, "I feel so bad" because of my sore throat and sinus drainage. Then it hit me. A colleague of mine reminded me (in my head) "This isn't carrying your cross, this is just a cold. Is this what you think suffering is?" I hate suffering. I'm sure most people do. But living in this world, it's impossible to escape it. I'm even ashamed of using the word suffering because I don't even think what I described about my past few days is even worthy of it. But I learned a small lesson: suffering should be welcomed in our lives and should be a discipline for enduring.