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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Loving Jennifer

Being married is great. Jennifer, my wife, is an awesome woman and I am truly thankful we're together. Last night I had to finally face the music and sit down for 3 hours to take my midterm for newly appointed PhD, Phillip Camp. It was not pretty, I'll just say that. It wasn't anything like Tony described, but it was no picnic.

But during my long hours of studying and reading boring commentaries, my wife was so wonderful. She cooked, cleaned, offered to drive, did laundry and went grocery shopping. Now, she does all the things normally, but my eyes were open to her willingness to serve me even when we weren't sending a lot of time together. So when she enters school next semester for her Masters, I'll be remembering and honoring all that she did for me while I suffered through my Masters program. But it probably helps that she is smarter than me and won't have to study as much. So here's to my lovely beautiful wife, Jennifer Lynn Christian!