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Thursday, March 10, 2005

What? Say That Again? Hmm?

Well I’m a little bummed out today after my visit with the ear, nose, and throat doctor. I scheduled an appointment with him because I’ve been having inner ear trouble. If you’ve never had a bout with inner ear infection, your brain tells you the room is spinning and you lose whatever was in your stomach. Not fun in the least bit.

So the doc decided to run some ear tests on me. The procedures went as followed: I was seated in a small soundproof room and they placed earphones in my ears. I was given a buzzer, like the one you might have in Jeopardy, and told to hit the button when the beep was audible. It was kind of fun trying to listen to the beep through the processed fuzz through my earphones.

The fun shortly ended and I was sent back to the doctor for his diagnoses. He told me that my right ear hears normal while my left ear doesn’t hear very well. So he gave me a prescription of steroids to take this week and come back to see him next week for another evaluation. He said if things don’t look any better next week, he’ll run an MRI and see if I have nerve damage on my left ear. Needless to say, it wasn’t what I expected him to say. Nevertheless, I can tell my wife that all those times she said I wasn’t listening was because I wasn’t paying attention, but because my left ear is no good. Maybe I can bring back the ear horn in all its senior glory. Plus, who would want a piece of me while I’m toting around one of these bad mamajamas.