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Friday, April 29, 2005

Almost Done

I have 4 more classes left until my Masters is complete. This summer I'll be in a webclass called Systematic Theology. Dr. Hicks is tough I've heard but I should learn alot. This is my reading for the summer.

The Faith Once For All - Jack Cottrell
Theology for the Community of God - Stanley Grenz
Essentials of Christian Theology - Stanley Grenz and William Placher, eds.
Yet Will I Trust Him - John Mark Hicks
The Story We Find Ourselves In - Brian McLaren

Also Dr. Hicks is teaching a short-term class this summer (full week) on Postmodern Theologies. I really wish I could take this course because it would really help put the whole "postmodern" thing in context. The course will focus on theological strategies: Postevangelicialism (Stan Grenz), Radical Orthodoxy (Smith), Paleo-Orthodoxy (Thomas Oden), Deconstructive Theology (Carl Raschke), Postliberalism (George Lindbeck), Neo-Evangelicalism (Millard Erickson), Reformation Tradition (Michael Horton) and Anglo-American Communal Praxis (Nancey Murphy). Man, Daivd Lipscomb is turning in his grave.