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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Emergent Cohort: Nashville

Well I must say, I had a lovely time dining and meeting each one of you at the emergent cohort today in Nashville. It was great to gather with fellow bloggers, teachers, counselors, and pastors to discuss the nature of life in an emerging context. I couldn't have asked for a better lunch hour.......


I couldn't find the stinkin cafe!! I mean when I am looking for 203 Louise Ave and there is not one, something aint right. So I park in a medical plaza parking garage 2 blocks away and try my luck on foot. Up and down on Louise Ave I went. I even asked several patrons if they had ever heard of this particular cafe or street address. No dice. I finally call the cafe and the owners give me directions, to which I can't seem to understand. I walk a few block back to my car only to see that my lunch break is quickly coming to an end. I finally give up my search and head back to work where I eat my lunch at my desk, alone. (did I fail to mention spilling a nice amount of Spirit on my pants) After several week of anticipating this meeting, I miss it because of a silly mistake plus my ignorance of downtown Nashvegas. Gosh my life is pathetic.