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Monday, July 25, 2005

La Marche De L'Empereur

I love Sunday afternoons. Especially when there is not much work to be done. Since there wasn't any school work waiting for me after lunch or cleaning we had to do around the apartment, my wife and I enjoyed a matinee in Nashville. We saw this movie, March of the Penguins. My wife was incredibly excited because she loves penguins and once she saw the previews for this movie she wanted to see it. I like documentaries, but I wasn't as excited as she was, but I was happy she was excited.

I must say, this was a really good movie. I didn't know much about penguins before I went, but this film educated me on several things. Plus the filmmakers did a fantastic job of capturing these "tuxedo wearing" creatures in their natural habitat of Antarctica. The film portrayed a triumphant and tragic look at life through the eyes of these birds. From the movie, you could tell that penguins felt the emotions of pain, grief, joy, and love. Kudos to Luc Jacquet for making a touching film about the journey these penguins take each year to create life amidst the harsh elements of nature.