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Monday, March 14, 2005

Hunger Strike for Darfur

For those who care and are willing to participate, a one-day hunger strike will happen this Wednesday, March the 16th. The strike is for the awareness of the 2 million or so that have fled to refuge camps and villages in Sudan and are now starving because of a man-made famine.

Be in prayer for Darfur because next week will prove to be crucial including the Darfur Accountability Act that is being introduced in Congress. It will include imposing more sanctions on Sudan as well as a budget for food aid and peacekeepers in Darfur. Again, I am reluctant to mention this because I'm jaded and a bit pessimistic about how slow our government has been in providing aid to our brothers and sisters in Africa. If you wish to have more info, please check the websites below. If nothing more, pray. Pray for peace and justice to reign in a war-torn land.