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Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Reforming Hope

It seems as though my wife is recovering slowly from her flu-like sickness, which is great news. Last night she stayed with her mom because I really wanted someone to be by her side during the day with her as I am not able to because of work. After leaving the Lipscomb library, I had food on the brain. Before I could escape the parking lot I ran into my friend Thunder whom I work with. We chatted a little and ended up going to his house for dinner. His lovely wife Emily and him cooked a wonderful meal and we enjoyed some excellent conversation throughout the night.

I have learned much from my brother Thunder. He and I are in very different tribes (church traditions). If you don’t know me or have figured it out yet, I’m in the heritage of Churches of Christ and he in the Episcopal family. He calls me a "change agent" after a lunch discussion around some tasty Taco Bell the other day. (Read here) We have learned much from each other, probably me more so than him, through our existence in our crummy…uh I mean….rewarding jobs at Cokesbury. Last night our discussions covered an array of topics from our job, redeeming society, and our mixed up lives in this beautiful yet blemished creation we call church.

Emily asked me why I am intending to stick with the Churches of Christ if my views differentiate from some of their beliefs. After brief reflection, I answered her quire like this:

I want to continue in the story of restoring and reforming the body of Christ like our ancestors set out to do. Their ideas of unity, equality, pacifism and faithfulness strike a cord within my bones. These things have seemed to be miss placed over the years, while many of their understandings of the Bible, theology, authority, church, salvation have crystallized and haven’t emerged in almost 100 years. There are some out there that are doing this already and paving the way for constructive dialogue to which I commend them. I guess I just have hope that discipleship will be a way of life, that our worldview will be more holistic than separate, that the catholic (universal) church can possess a useful faith in this world, that people of all classes and races will be redeem from the Powers that bind them, that women as well as foreigners and minorities will be treated as equals, that peace will reign throughout our global streets, neighborhoods, and communities, that justice will come to the captives and impoverished, that people will not bow down to America’s capitalistic empire. All I have are a few dinky ideas and a lot of hope. Yes this will take time, patience and self-control, but I desire that God’s dream for this world, this universe will break through little by little.

OK, so I didn’t necessarily say that, but that’s what I have felt for some time. Trust me, I’m a broken man that is imperfect and I still don’t understand why God chose the church to bring forth his love and kingdom into the world. But I’m gearing up for the long pilgrimage and invite all to join in loving the world, the church, and our neighbors as I belief God loves us all.