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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope and Dan Brown

While I'm not a Catholic by any means or comprehend some of their doctrines and practices, I love how many people are giving honor and remembering Pope John Paul II as a faithful man that embraced life, people and suffering.

Now that the Cardinals will gather and elect a new Pope behind closed doors in a rather secretive meeting. During my wife and I's drive to Texas, we listened to Dan Brown's initial book before the Da Vinci craze. It's called Angels and Demons. The Da Vinci Code resembles this book almost so much its scarey. Anywho, probably another good page turner, but seeing as how I didn't read it, I'll say it was a good mile turner. We attempted to listen to another book on tape, Elizabeth Peter's book, but the array of characters and confusing voices, we slept through much of it. Actually I drove so I didn't sleep but could have.