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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Change or Die?

Thanks to Jason Clark via Tim Keel for this article.

Change or Die?
Sounds pretty harsh doesn’t it. Several doctors and business executives discussed why people refuse change and the factors that help engage change. “Behavioral change happens mostly by speaking to people’s feelings,” said one doctor. In a study of heart patients who were told they either stop their behavior or suffer the consequences (like death), the majority didn’t change their behavior. Since death was just too frightening to think about, these patients would return to their old style of living. Researchers noticed that the doctors motivated their patients with the wrong catalyst. Instead, medical professionals should counteract this negative stance on changing behavior and seek for the patient to live a joyful live. Not only do doctors motivate people by saying they will live longer, but they will actually feel better by doing normal things like talking a walk, or making love. Joy then becomes a more powerful motivator than death.
For more please read the article. It has some great applications for discipleship in my opinion.