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Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Shins: Review of 5/4/05

Last night I attended the Shins show at the Mercy Lounge in downtown Nashville. The Mercy Lounge was a splendid venue, very spacious and clean. Because my wife isn't a big fan of my music, I met my friend Bill there at the venue.

The opening act was a 6-piece band out of New Zealand called the Brunettes. Before the show I had heard nothing about them. Let me just say, "WOW!" They were a lot of fun. Sure the lyrics weren't in-depth with songs about a record store or guys that sup up their cars, but their music was bright and cheery. And talk about multi-instrumentalists, these guys (and girls) were playing like 2 or 3 instruments each song, not to mention clapping at the appropriate moments. The last song, a tribute to those loveable twins (Mary Kate & Ashley) brought the house down. During the middle of the song, the lead singer was the only one playing and singing because the other band mates were putting on some sort of hat or mask. When they turn to face the audience, they are all wearing a mask with the face of those Full House cuties. It was hysterical.

As far as the main act went, I enjoyed the Shins very much. They had some good energy, not to mention some crazy mishaps in the beginning (broken guitar string and fallen keyboard). I couldn't stay for the entire show because I have to wake up at the booty crack of dawn each weekday to get to work, but I caught about 10 songs probably. James Mercer can really sing and hit those high notes. He looked like Kevin Spacey, not to mention the keyboardist resembled Chris Katan and the bass/guitarist was a carbon copy of Joe from Fear Factor. Most of the songs were played verbatim like you would hear on the album. But the energy was great which made it all the better. I'm glad I went to see them. No regrets.

What I remember of their playlist (not in order):
Pink Bullets
When I Goosestep (Wicker Park soundtrack)
Turn a Square
Know Your Opinion!
Caring Is Creepy
Girl Inform Me
Girl on the Wing
Pressed in a Book
So Says I
Mine's Not a High Horse
Fighting in a Sack