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Monday, June 27, 2005

ONE Concert

If you're in the greater Nashville area this Wednesday afternoon, say around 12-1:30, come and support the ONE campaign to make AIDS and poverty history. This is a free concert in Centennial Park at the Bandshell. The artists that will be performing are Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, and Taylor Sorenson. Come and support this cause and if you haven't already, come and sign the ONE letter to President Bush in lieu of the G8 Summit.

In similar news, I watched Nightline Friday night, which I never have done so I felt like a mild dork. The reason: George Clooney and Pat Robertson talked about fighting global AIDS and poverty. They are both focusing their efforts and voices around this monumental issue. I'm not a big Robertson fan, but he said some things that I resonated with, especially when he was talking about sending aid to Darfur. The aid was coming from a Jewish guy to Robertson's group (mainline evangelical) and was being distributed to a Catholic aid station. I applaud the effort to fight AIDS and poverty even if those involved are not Christian or tied to a distinct faith belief.

I really believe that fighting poverty and hunger and defeating the structures (principalities and powers) that bondage people in society is what Jesus proclaimed during his life. Is this social justice? Yes. So is the gospel primarily a social gospel? Well maybe but I tend to think of it wholistically. His message was to proclaim the captives free, to release the prisoners, to heal the lame and bring forth good news to the disenfranchised. "Repent for the Adventure of God is here. If you want to pilgrimage the trek you must realign your life for I bring you a new way of living, of being human. Live out God's dream for this world, mirror the final consummation, the eschatology that brings ultimate unity and harmony towards the Trinity and it's creation. Do justice to all, love unashamingly, and live humbly before your Father."