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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back in the Saddle

I've returned from my 4th of July mini-vacation in Texas. My wife and I flew down Friday and hung out with grandparents, parents, sibling, cousins, aunt, uncle, niece, dogs, and cats. We were west of Dallas in a town called Grandbury where my aunt and uncle live right off the Brazos River. It was a weekend of 'firsts' for me: first time to ride a jet ski, drive a boat, waterski, and tubing. Saw some nice fireworks and enjoyed some tasty Texas BBQ. Tennessee needs to stop eating that pork junk and get with the brisket program. Glad we were on the lake most of the time because it was 100 degrees during the day and like low 90s at night. So thanks to all that were in attendance (thanks mom & dad for flying us down) and hope to do it again next year.