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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Donald Miller

I love my wife. We’re about to take a week vacation to Florida with her family next week. I need a break from work and just life around Middle Tennessee. The Monday after we get back, we were going to attend a function at her school. At least, that is what was scheduled. She wasn’t excited about it and neither was I seeing as how we were “required” to attend, more her than me. Most of the teachers from the school she teaches at would be there along with their significant other. Needless to say, we were not looking forward to it.

Before I knew about this exciting evening, I had been planning on us hearing Donald Miller speak that same night. Well after I got the free tickets (thanks Phil), my wife told me about the function at her school. I was bummed. Last night she surprised me by telling me that she wanted us to go hear Don and not go to the “required” school meeting. Elated described how I felt. So August 22nd my wife and I will be sitting in Otter Creek Church hearing Blue Like Jazz author Donald Miller. Thanks Jennifer.