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Monday, August 15, 2005

Scared Architecture 2

Last week I discussed the value of architecture in creating scared space, whether public or private. In my last post, the extremely artistic Poems and Writings, stated the fact that all our efforts must not be geared towards the outside, rather the focus should be directed towards the inside. While I agree with her insightful remark, I can’t help but wonder how architecture aids us in creating a holy space in our surroundings. It seems as if modernity has striped buildings, especially churches, of their historical aesthetics and mystery. Michael DeSanctis, a professor of fine arts at Gannon University, said that great architecture has always been ‘modern,’ both responding to and challenging the cultures that produce it. If DeSanctis is correct here, then what we need is not a nostalgic need for historical styles of building landscapes. Rather we could accept what the Catholic Church calls, ‘noble simplicity’ which appreciates “the workings of ritual action, for symbol, poetry and art – those things that nourish the soul, keep the heart supple, and point us beyond ourselves.” In doing so, architecture can promote authenticity, beauty, and holiness.

To see some Sacred Spaces in my area (Nashville) follow this LINK.