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Friday, September 02, 2005

What to Make of It?

I’ve not written on the disaster that Katrina initiated because I’m out of words, especially seeing and hearing second hand accounts of starvation, death, and injustice occurring throughout the city. Why do things like this happen? I have no idea. I have found some solace in a post by another blogger Krister. Even though his answer may frustrate you, I think he is asking some smart questions in the face of easy answers evangelicals tend to pass around in situations such as this.

Read Krister’s response HERE.

In my job, I have the responsiblity to serve and consult clintele from a base of about 400. One of my territories that I cover is the state of Louisiana. I’ve only been able to talk to people from the northern part of the state, and when I have called I usually can’t get through the phone lines because the circuits are tied up. Even though I do not have immediate family living in the flooded area, I feel deeply for my clients and their surrounding neighbors. Restlessness evades my whole being and I become paralyzed with the question, “What can I do?”