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Friday, April 08, 2005

The Shins and NPR

I love NPR. So much so that I am considering being a new pledge member. Why do I love NPR? NPR keeps me informed about the world, and they are always reporting on interesting subjects and stories you won’t find on the nation or local level. Another reason I enjoy public radio is the reports on music/artists that aren’t blasted non-stop on commercial airwaves.

Yesterday on Morning Edition, they did a short story on the Shins, an indie rock band from New Mexico. Listen. It tells of how a small indie band has had eminent success after 2 of their songs were used in the crictically acclaimed movie Garden State. After that, their music was used on several other outlets including Fox's the OC and McDonalds. Some might call this "selling out" while others (Greg Kott - Chicago rock critic) might just say they are trying to make a living. I wonder if people who love unknown bands like to claim them as their own. Thus when they are exposed by the mass public, those fans become jaded as if the band has done the unthinkable and betrayed their musical vows to them. When all is said and done the fan has left the band's supportive side with a bad taste in his mouth from the divorce. Can someone please explain why?

They kicked off a quick 2-month tour last night in Portland. Good news is that they will be in Nashville the 4th of May. Tickets are only 20 bucks a pop so hopefully I can go to their show.

Actually Nashville has some really good artists coming to town including Iron & Wine, Patty Griffin, Eisley, Trey Anastasio, Ryan Adams and Tim Reynolds. It is nice to live near a big city where artists like these come rockin down the boulevard.