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Monday, May 16, 2005

Seeing Goodness

I've got to cut this short in lieu of an appointment today.

This weekend I had significant conversations with 3 people that I know, but haven't seen a quite some time. All three dialogues showed me that there is goodness in the world, and I'm glad these people are alive. They inspired me to seek out goodness and compassion in my own context. They don't read this, but for the sake of anonymity I'll refer to them as C, J, and M.

The first conversation surrounded the inner city situation in our town and in other places such as St. Louis and New York. C was extremely passionate about mentoring inner city youths in New York. He plans on moving up to NY after he finishes school and getting involved with the urban environment.

In my second discussion, I heard from J about how he has been to the edge and back. A few months back J was a living with his girlfriend, engaged, and ready to move and buy a house all while attempting to finish school. Not long before they were engaged, his soon to be bride left him, moved in with another fellow and is probably expecting. If anyone was in this position, one would have to be crushed. J was, but there seemed to be a renewed sense of him. He seemed different than the past few years I have known him. He said that life is......good. He felt as if he had another chance in life and was excited to be alive.

Finally, M told me her current work with the pregnancy center as a volunteer. She said that she really has connected with several of the girls there. The work is generally stressful, but she wants for the mothers to know that people do care about them and their baby, even if they have been raped or they don't know who the father is or if they are minors.

These 3 random people that I encounter this weekend portrayed glimpse of a breaking in Kingdom. It felt good to be alive and witness a breath of goodness in this world.