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Monday, June 13, 2005

21st Century Lepers

I really enjoy Kristof's pieces in the NY Times Op-Ed section. Sunday's piece was an awesome write-up about an inspiring woman, Mamitu Gashe, who has overcome such tragedy and suffering to be a blessing to those that suffer with her, even though she is illiterate and has a 3rd grade education. She is a prime example of what a co-creator is and how one becomes an apprentice of their master. Fascinating read.

Recently I found out that there was a Peace and Justice League in Murfreesboro. I know nothing of their group except their mission statement:

Murfreesboro Peace and Justice League is a community based, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization committed to working for peace, justice and a better world through the power of non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution. We endorse policies that promote renewable energy sources, environmentally sound technologies, and respect for the interdependent web of life. We dedicate ourselves to upholding civil liberties, to confronting oppression and to achieving social, political and economic justice for all people, without exception. We join together as individuals and groups for education and empowerment to accomplish these goals.

While I am still not an official "friend" to the Emergent ("friend" meaning a $50 membership member), I am trying to live by their rule/order. (Read their Rule) One of the rules of life is participating in at least one issue or cause of justice and peace at all times. Even though I try to make people aware of the situations in Darfur, the G8 Summit, the war in Iraq on this blog, I feel that I'm not doing enough. So hopefully this league can be something that I can participate in and put flesh around my ideologies of peace and justice.