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Thursday, May 19, 2005


I wanted to take time out to thank those at the Emergent Seminarians Breakfast/Conversation this morning for including me. I obviously am not as intellectual as these guys and girls are but they were extremely hospitible to me and for that I'm greatful, seeing as how I didn't pay to come to the EC and missed a tad bit of work this morning. (I should use this "errand running" excuse more often) My tribe as a whole is very far from engaging emergent theologies so it felt like a breathe of fresh air to drink up what these young voices had to say. Sometimes I feel as though churches of Christ are like Eastern Europe when it comes to evolving. My times spent in Romania is a prime example. When I was there, it seemed like I had stepped back in time some 10, 15 years. In my heritage change is not easily taken, making our strides almost 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. I do not want to give up on the institutional church or my tribe just yet, even though I'm becoming more aware of the need for monastic urbanism. But I am thankful for those voices (like those this morning) that make my theology start learning how to swim instead of floating on.

Thanks again Adam, Jake, Will, Mark, Alan, and the two lovely ladies whose names I have forgotten.