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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Gospel According to Mike Seaver

Since I'm baching it (bachelor for a few days) while my wife is out of town, I can't sleep well. So I watch TV. I had the pleasure of watching Ryan Adam perform on Letterman last night. He resembled a somewhat Refined Woodsman. While scanning through the channels my attention was caught by Mike Seaver, otherwise known as Kirt Cameron to you folks in reality. But I didn't catch ol' Mike on Growing Pains hanging with his pal Bonner, but on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Now I have to admit, I watch TBN on occasion because I think its entertainment especially the Benny Hinn show. (Oh yeah, note to self, don't watch TBN real late at night or else you'll wind up cutting them a check and send it to them the next day out of your own sleepy haze.)

Anywho, on this particular program Mike and a friend of his with an Australian accent (we'll call him Aussie) were going around to people in Las Vegas and asking them if they would play Russian Roulette for 10 million dollars. If they said that they probably would do it, then suddenly they opened a briefcase filled with 100 dollar bills and a revolver and would reemphasize, "Are you sure you would risk your life for 10 million dollars." Now some usually relented their first response after they saw the gun, but a few said 'bring it on.' As I continued to watch, Mike and Aussie were talking about the need for salvation. Hey we all need salvation in our lives right? The only problem (well not the only problem but the main one) was they were attempting to converse with people using scare tactics. First you scare the "hell" out of people and then they will listen to you about Jesus which will lead them (or really their soul) to heaven. It seems like a very extreme pendulum swing if you catch the cut of my gib.

Mike and Aussie felt it necessary to lay a foundation of HELL before they even progressed in the redemptive story. One scene had Mike talking to this man on the street and the camera was right up in this gentleman's face and Mike was laying out the "courtroom scene" about being guilty of a crime and the Judge telling you that nothing can be done to escape your fine and you are sent to this eternal punishment of bad stuff. I'm sure this might be familiar to you all or maybe you have actually encountered a guy or girl like Mike before.

Now, I don't know Mike or Aussie or anyone from TBN for that matter, but I just can't help but shake my head in sadness that people are hearing a warped view of the so-called Gospel in the form of scare tactics and reductionism not too mention individualism. How long O Lord?