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Friday, May 27, 2005

Tension as an American Christian

Yesterday after I posted my entry on Kirt and the Gospel, I received a call at work from a customer of mine. Now for work purposes, I'd rather not reveal my exact employers, but I'll tell you (for those that don't know) I work at a publishing company that services churches. So a customer from my base calls me up and wants to order something that they can put in the sanctuary of the church. What to know what it was? It's an American Flag. No big deal right, I mean we do live in America and its ok to show our patriotism. Well, I don't think its as easy as that.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the flag itself. I don't really pledge my allegiance to it but I see it more as a sign of freedom I guess or how this country had its ups and downs like all other countries in this world and how we are continuing (or should be) to seek ways to live together in harmony. And yes I'll probably never burn the flag not because I think its sacred but because I think its stupid to burn stuff anyway.

But I do have a problem when we mix God and country together in one batch. I've written about this before, so I don't want to repeat myself, but putting the American flag in our assemblies is sending a message that God is on our side or that America is a Christian nation which are both bogus ideals. Even singing "America" in church is just downright weird in my opinion. It even seems to have political party implications (religious right/Republicans) if you know what I mean. I think Lincoln said it best when he asked not if God was on our side, but if we were on his side.

So when I placed her order I felt very uneasy during our transaction. I wanted to hear why they wanted a flag in their church. I wanted to tell her that there are other symbols she could put in her church that portray redemption, creation, Kingdom ideals other than the country's flag. Of course I didn't because I'd probably be fired if I did. But I second guess myself this morning as to whether I enhanced this molding of church and empire by ordering her an indoor American flag.

Oh by the way, has anyone seen the "Christian Flag?" Look familiar? This is scary.